Co-operative online learning – a primer

This primer is written for teams or individuals tasked with organising &/or designing &/or delivery of online learning in a worker co-operative or co-operative network. It’s for people new to online learning or those who wish to review their practice. Download pdf here:  CO-OPERATIVE ONLINE LEARNING – A PRIMER Content summary What do I mean … Continue reading “Co-operative online learning – a primer”

The theory and practice of sociocracy in cooperatives

Join us on February 19, 2021 (15:00-19:15 UTC) for an online conference on sociocracy in cooperatives. Themes: How does sociocracy align with co-op values and principles? Implementing sociocracy in co-ops How to create sociocratic co-ops from scratch or implement sociocracy in an existing co-op, including case studies The Nuts & Bolts of sociocracy in co-ops, … Continue reading “The theory and practice of sociocracy in cooperatives”